New Blood Gas Analyzers Implemented

Congratulations to Michael Francisco one of our new Senior MLTs in Biochemistry, for his role in implementing the new blood gas analyzers.  The Blood Gases Testing Program at UHN is very broad and covers core lab, multiple point-of-care areas, and TWH respiratory therapy laboratory. Michael was responsible for performing validation studies of core lab blood gas instruments which subsequently served as a reference for all other areas. 

The validation studies were complex, as multiple sample types (arterial, venous, mixed venous, serum had to be investigated) and multiple tests were covered. Comparisons had to be made against current analyzers and for the tests that could be serially monitored across multiple platforms, against automated chemistry and hematology analyzers. Additionally, the new blood gas system offers several novel error-flagging options, requiring testing of interferences and middleware testing of different rules.

Michael was also responsible for subsequent implementation steps; large amount of data had to be collected and organized, standard operating procedures written, all laboratory staff trained. Thank you to Michael on behalf of the entire Biochemistry Team for his dedication and hard work!


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