LMP and the Princess Margaret Goal Reporting Day

In May 2013, Princess Margaret hosted its 1st annual Goals and Objectives Retreat which was attended by almost 300 staff members, including representatives from LMP.  During the retreat, the various units and departments set team goals for the upcoming year. In October 2013, a Goal Reporting Day was held for teams to provide progress updates... Continue Reading →

Meet Jordan in 10 Questions!

Ten Questions for LMP's Jordan Ngo Tian He What is your position?  Medical Laboratory Technologist What do you do here?  I work in Flow cytometry. It is a technique used to analyze cells stained with antibody-labeled fluorochrome. This suspension passes through a laser and electronic signals are collected to describe the properties of each cell. It... Continue Reading →

What is Bloody Easy?

As the medical director for the Coagulation Laboratory at UHN and Sunnybrook, Dr. Rita Selby is responsible for the routine and Special coagulation testing for each of our hospitals and sites as well as our partner hospitals (Lakeridge Health, Timmins and cluster, Sault Area hospital) and for referred-in testing from our contract clients (Lifelabs, Dynacare,... Continue Reading →

Dr. Sylvia Asa, Medical Director of LMP, speaks at TEDx

"We've been innovative to provide a much better pathology service for our patients. We're not going to stop there . . . our vision is that pathology really is the heart of a patient's diagnosis." ​​– Dr. Sylvia Asa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkEeNkHilIg   Recently, Dr. Sylvia Asa, Medical Director of UHN's Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP), addressed the... Continue Reading →

Working Hard for our Patients in the LMP Immunopathology Lab

Recently, the Immunopathology (IP) laboratory in LMP acquired some new immunohistochemistry stainers that are faster, more flexible and will improve turnaround time for our patients. “We received our first new machine back in 2013,” said Pam McCartin, MLT. “They are absolute powerhouses in terms of what they can do with our specialized antibodies and a... Continue Reading →

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