A diagnostic dilemma from a presentation of shortness of breath and chest pain

A focused report by: Matthew Nichols, Candice K. Silversides, Anna Woo, Felix Leung, Jennifer Taher, Qianghua Zhou and Davor Brinc. Introduction: A patient presented to hospital with chest pain and shortness of breath on 2 occasions 4 weeks apart. Clinical examination revealed an elevated jugular venous pressure consistent with heart failure or elevated filling pressures.... Continue Reading →

Yvonne Bedford Retires after 21 years with LMP

After 21 years as an Administrative Assistant, Yvonne Bedford will retire from the Laboratory Medicine Program at UHN. Yvonne spent over two decades in various administrative roles, including 15 years supporting the Program Medical Director. “I’m proud of myself,” says Yvonne. “I was really dedicated and available and I worked hard. The time I spent... Continue Reading →

Berit Cameron Retires after 57 Years with UHN

After more than 57 years with the Laboratory Medicine Program, Berit Cameron will be retiring on May 27, 2022. Berit has worked in a variety of administrative roles over the years including hematology, surgical pathology, liver, and gastrointestinal pathology. Berit started out working in Pathology at Princess Margaret Hospital on Sherbourne Street in 1965 where Berit... Continue Reading →

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