Jumping into action for urgent patient care

While visiting patient floors for blood collection, Karlene Jackson, LMP Specimen Management Technician entered a patient room to a startling scene. She found a patient with a disconnected IV, and a resulting pool of blood on the bed and floor. Responding immediately, Karlene rushed to the front nurses’ desk and interrupted a safety huddle to... Continue Reading →

All for one (name), and one (name) for all: Blood Collection renaming

Making hospital visits simple to navigate and easy to understand is paramount for patients. That’s why LMP has undergone steps to rename the blood collection areas at UHN to one common name across all sites. Currently, there a three different names used (Diagnostic Test Centre at TGH, Blood Lab Collection Centre at PM, and Blood... Continue Reading →

Surprise, surprise! LMP passes OHIP inspection with flying colours

Recently, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) laboratory licencing and inspection services paid LMP’s Blood and Specimen Collection Centres a surprise visit. Auditors spent the day observing staff at work across TGH, PM and TWH and reviewed practices, patient workflow, phlebotomy techniques and standard operation procedures. A major shout out to all LMP’s Specimen Management... Continue Reading →

Welcoming LMP Fellows from around the world

Each year, a handful of medical professionals from around the world come through LMP for one-year subspecialty fellowships offered by staff pathologists and the University of Toronto. Fellows engrain themselves in the program throughout their time here, and under LMP medical staff supervision are involved in taking out patient cases, making diagnoses, and pursuing various... Continue Reading →

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