Congratulations to all 2018-19 Fellows!

Recently we said farewell to many of our 2018-19 Pathology fellows. As always, the medical trainees became a major part of their respective subspecialty teams and played a significant role in LMP patient care over the past year. Congratulations to all on their successful completion of an LMP fellowship and we look forward to seeing... Continue Reading →


Welcoming LMP Fellows from around the world

Each year, a handful of medical professionals from around the world come through LMP for one-year subspecialty fellowships offered by staff pathologists and the University of Toronto. Fellows engrain themselves in the program throughout their time here, and under LMP medical staff supervision are involved in taking out patient cases, making diagnoses, and pursuing various... Continue Reading →

New LMP NEJM publication assesses effectiveness of kidney disease therapies

Congratulations to LMP Renal Pathologist, Dr. Carmen Avila-Casado on her recent publication in the New England Journal of Medicine. The paper is titled, Rituximab or Cyclosporine in the Treatment of Membranous Nephropathy, and assesses the effectiveness of two different therapies in the treatment of Membranous Nephropathy kidney disease.   In addition to Dr. Avila-Casado’s contributions,... Continue Reading →

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