Jay Hockley Retires after 25 years with LMP

Congratulations to Jay Hockley, Manager, Specimen Management, on her retirement after 25 years with the Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) at University Health Network (UHN). Her last day with LMP is Friday, December 23. Jay joined LMP in September, 1997 and began her UHN career with the Rapid Response Lab at Toronto General Hospital (TGH) performing... Continue Reading →

Christine Cursio Wins Local Impact Award

Nomination for Local Impact Award, Convergence (Individual) It is with great pleasure that I nominate Christine Cursio from the Laboratory Medicine Program for the Individual Local Impact Award (Individual). Chris Cursio wears many hats, she is the Senior Manager – Point of Care Testing, TWH Laboratory Site Clinical Coordinator, and GTA Client Liaison.  As one... Continue Reading →

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