Blood Transfusion and aaBB

This week Blood Transfusion Medicine at UHN underwent joint accreditation assessments by the American Association of Blood Banks (aaBB) and College of American Pathologists (CAP).   The accreditation team comprised of Dr. Ramesh Borad and Dr. Elpidio Pena assessed the combined  1572 requirements against the Laboratory Medicine Program’s -  Blood Transfusion Laboratories and the patient care... Continue Reading →

LMP flow cytometry protocols published in the International Journal of Laboratory Hematology

Recently, Dr. Anna Porwit and Amr Rajab, from UHN’s Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) had their work on flow cytometry protocols presented at a Chicago conference featuring technological innovations in laboratory hematology. Due to high international interest, their protocols for investigating new onset cytopenias have been published in a special issue of the International Journal of... Continue Reading →

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