Generating extensive data on the performance of new immunosuppressant assays

UHN is well known for its leading organ transplant programs. Successful patient management following organ transplant is very much dependent on measuring immunosuppressant drug concentration in blood. Clinical algorithms refer to this for dose adjustments. 

Due to a recent upgrade to a new core laboratory instrumentation and new reagent formulations, it was essential to obtain a very reliable estimate of the assay precision and comparison to a current method.

Method for immunosuppressants has a manual step, a very large number of samples had to be tested and validation completed in a timely manner.

Due to anticipated bias for some of the tests, the data generated during validation was shared with clinical units so as to adjust the algorithms to accommodate the bias with the new method. 

Special shout out to Sandra Youkhana one of our new Senior MLTs in Biochemistry, for being able to generate extensive data on the performance of new immunosuppressant assays and complete the validation in a timely manner, allowing sufficient time for clinical units to adjust to new values where changes occurred.


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