Working together to meet patients’ needs

Recently, LMP received a patient compliment expressing a deep appreciation for staff coming together on short-notice and fulfilling an oncologic tissue request. The request came in two days prior to the patient’s scheduled surgery, and asked LMP to perform a quick section of the patient’s removed tumour so a tissue sample could be sent to... Continue Reading →

The move to MaRS is finally over PT 1

The 4-week long hustle and bustle to move LMP’s Pathology and Advanced Diagnostics Labs to the MaRS West Tower has come to an end. Although the first day of the move kicked off with a code brown, the process as a whole was seamless. Team leads, vendors, service engineers, and staff members—everyone involved in the... Continue Reading →

Safety & Quality with Mary

Safety Every month the Quality Resource Team and the QM meet to identify and plan any required new processes or projects, and to monitor the existing activities within our quality management system (QMS). The QMS is set up to ensure patient and staff safety and to support continuous improvement. During a recent review of worker... Continue Reading →

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