Dr. Runjan Chetty discusses his error of distraction: ‘It was an awful feeling.’

  In case you missed it on UHN News (02.07.2017): Dr. Runjan Chetty recalls it as an error of distraction. It was a number of years ago, before Dr. Chetty became Interim Medical Director of the Laboratory Medicine Program at UHN. He was known for an open door policy in his office, so several colleagues... Continue Reading →

Second annual Surgical Pathology conference offers full LMP experience

  On the last weekend of January, Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) Pathologists’ Assistants (PA) held the second annual Surgical Pathology Education Day at UHN, offering students and lab professionals a unique mix of conference style lectures and in-lab presentations. The event was a major success, with over 100 showing up to participate, and it once... Continue Reading →

Bridging the gap: LMP and Michener collaborate on MLT observership program

  For the first time ever, UHN’s Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) is collaborating with The Michener Institute of Education at UHN to familiarize internationally trained medical laboratory technologists (MLT) with Canadian Standards of Practice. The collaboration is part of Michener’s 16 week Medical Laboratory Science Bridging Program, and is designed to enhance student experience and... Continue Reading →

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