Laboratory Medicine Program staff living double lives

  In case you missed it on UHN News (10.05.2016):  The infamous, “So what do you do?” question can stir an inner conflict in most. Even when the question is specific to profession, medical staff from UHN’s Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) may struggle to choose a definitive answer. Between balancing clinical work and research, for... Continue Reading →

Blood transfusions are now quicker, simpler for patients

In case you missed it on UHN News (10.05.2016):  David, 71, and Kayla, his foster daughter, used to travel 320 kilometres in total to Toronto General Hospital every month for Kayla’s transfusion. Now their time on the road and in clinic has been reduced by half.  (Photo: UHN Visual Services) A program developed by the... Continue Reading →

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