LMP Core Lab inspires great teamwork!

LMP Biochemistry Technologist, Nadine Singh LMP’s Core Laboratory continues to work on a number of clinical validations amidst its redevelopment project, and across the lab staff are stepping up to ensure patient care is put first. Recently, LMP Biochemistry Technologist, Nadine Singh came in nearly an hour early on multiple days to help advance the... Continue Reading →

The 19th Annual William Anderson Memorial Lecture

William Anderson Lecture presented by Dr. Anil Parwani LMP Medical and Scientific staff held the 2019 Advances in Lab Medicine Symposium and the 19th Annual William Anderson Memorial Lecture on Monday, September 16th. There were five talks throughout the afternoon, leading up to the LMP Dr. J.B. Cullen Award, which was granted to LMP pathologist,... Continue Reading →

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