Meet two of our pathologists!

By: J. Buttivant 10 Questions for Dr. Bayardo Perez-Ordonez What is your position? Medical Director of Surgical Pathology and staff pathologist.   What do you do here?  In addition to my responsibilities as medical director of Surgical Pathology, I am a Head and neck pathologist and also do some soft tissue pathology.   Why did... Continue Reading →

Our Lab heads up to Weeneebayko General Hospital (it’s near James Bay!)

By: J. Buttivant Recently Weeneebayko Area Health Authority received a long anticipated letter from QMP-LS that fully restored accreditation to their laboratory at Weeneebayko General Hospital in Moose Factory, Ontario. LMP staff (including Dr. Ivan Blasutig, left, and Chris Cursio, right, both freezing in –30 degree weather) have been traveling up to Moose Factory, on... Continue Reading →

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