Discovery of the Month: New Study Reveals Insights into COVID-19’s Multi-Organ Injury and Pathways to Combat Cytokine Storms

Dr. Carmen Avila-Casado contributes to a groundbreaking research study published in Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight on April 11, 2023: Cytokine storm-based mechanisms for extra-pulmonary manifestations of SARS-CoV-2 infection Summary Researchers at the Glomerular Disease Therapeutic Laboratory, led by Dr. Sumant Chugh, have made significant progress in understanding how COVID-19 causes severe multi-organ injury in... Continue Reading →

LMP Introduces Novel Strategies to Upskill Staff and Build a Brighter Future for Lab Medicine in Ontario

Ontario is experiencing a shortage of medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) and other lab professionals. The pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. In an effort to avoid disruption to our exemplary service, the Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) at UHN has found innovative ways to upskill and resource existing staff.  “As one of the biggest hospital labs... Continue Reading →

An inside look at autopsies  

Ever wonder what goes on inside a medical autopsy suite?   Pathologists, pathologist assistants and various types of trainees perform approximately 75 autopsies per year at University Health Network (UHN).  Dr. Michael Seidman, Director of Autopsy, has performed many hundreds of autopsies in his 10-year career, including almost 100 at UHN’s Laboratory Medicine Program. He tells... Continue Reading →

Revolutionary Genome Sequencer Coming to LMP

This summer, the Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) at UHN will become one of the first clinical sites in Canada to receive a NovaSeq X Plus Sequencer (Illumina). This top-of-the-line machine will enable faster, more powerful, and more sustainable genome sequencing. "This will allow us to increase capacity, offer more comprehensive testing and will also lower our per-base... Continue Reading →

LMP Partners with the Kenora Rainy River Regional Laboratory Program

Let’s welcome the Kenora Rainy River Regional Laboratory Program (KRRRLP) to the LMP extended family. KRRRLP supports six hospitals in the rural remote Northwestern Ontario.  The hospitals are located in Kenora, Dryden, Atikokan, Fort Francis, Sioux Lookout, and Rainy River.  This hospital network performs routine laboratory testing and monitoring, however are missing key resources in... Continue Reading →

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