Recap: The 4th Annual Laboratory Medicine Program Conference

Author: J. Buttivant On Saturday, October 22, almost one hundred technologists and other lab staff from across the province descended upon the conference rooms at Toronto General Hospital for the 5th Annual Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) Conference. Billed as a conference “for technologist by technologists” the conference is designed to encourage lab staff to learn... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Like Pathologists

Author: Dr. O. AdeyiWhy should you like pathologists?Well, each time you are being asked to give a sample, any sample, be it blood, urine, tissue biopsy, etc. you are engaging the services of a pathologist.Most patients in a hospital never think about seeing a pathologist. Some might hope that they would never need a pathologist... Continue Reading →

What’s a Pathologist?

Author:  Dr. C. Cheung We’re doctors! We are medical doctors that specialize in the study of disease, usually through the examination of tissue using a wide variety of techniques. Usually this means we look and touch tissue and put it under a microscope to help the patient figure out what the problem is.  In our... Continue Reading →

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