UHN is the first clinical lab in the world to offer a mass spectrometry-based plasma catecholamine test

On July 1, after months of optimization and validation experiments, the mass spectrometry section within the Core Lab went live with reporting plasma catecholamines by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. No other clinical diagnostic lab in the world offers this test using this methodology. Most other reference laboratories in North America, Europe and Australia all... Continue Reading →

Ian Sue-Chue-Lam wins the CAP-ACP Lloyd Kennedy Award

Ian has been presented the CAP-ACP Lloyd Kennedy award which is given to a Pathologists’ Assistant in good standing, in recognition of their outstanding contributions to continuing professional development in the area of medical laboratory practice. Here's what The Canadian Association of Pathologists said about Ian's work: "You have lead the design of a PA logo... Continue Reading →

Judy Tran wins the Becton Dickenson (BD) Quality Assurance Project Award

​As part of their commitment to enhancing the quality of laboratory services in Canada and around the world, BD, in partnership with the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS), is offering support for accredited clinical laboratories who can demonstrate positive results for a quality assurance or research project with the aim of “Improving the... Continue Reading →

Meet LMP’s new learners

For many academic programs across LMP, summer is a time for new learners to join us for clinical placements. We’d like to welcome the new fellows, residents, graduate students, and MLT/MLA learners. A number of them have been able to take time out of their initial days in LMP to introduce themselves to us, an... Continue Reading →

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