LMP Telepathology Director shares digital pathology insights in wake of new book

  New digital pathology book, co-authored by Dr. Andrew Evans, Genitourinary Pathologist and Director of Telepathology, Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP), University Health Network (UHN) provides a balanced overview of whole-slide imaging (WSI) digital pathology for those interested in implementing the technology.  The various chapters in this book highlight specific clinical and non-clinical uses for WSI... Continue Reading →

New findings in prostate cancer lead to better understanding of prostate pathology

Collaborative research efforts between Canada and Australia have led to a better pathological understanding of aggressive prostate cancers, which could serve as an indicator for the genetic mutation, BRCA2. The findings are part of a larger study published online this week in Nature Communications, showing that BRCA2- associated prostate tumours are pre-set to be resistant... Continue Reading →

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