BUSY lab Q&A BUG: Paul Smits




This week the Q&A BUG has been taken over by The BUSY Lab, LMP’s wellness resource. To learn more about the BUSY lab click HERE.

For this special edition of the Bug we take a peek at Toronto General’s Wellness Centre where Wellness Coordinator, Paul Smits has been ‘infected.’ Next week the bug will resume with previously nominated Q&A Bug victim, Ian Kerr.

Paul started at UHN in early 2014 as a Wellness Coordinator, and with 10 plus years of experience in mental health and personal wellness at various organizations – he is the perfect resource for all your wellness related needs.

As an overview: workplace wellness is a comprehensive approach to improving the health and well-being of both employees and the organization. Research shows that wellness initiatives in the workplace improve overall health and provide economic benefits, for both the employee and the employer. A healthy organization translates into a more productive and resilient workforce. (sourced from UHN Wellness Intranet page)

Paul’s role is to oversee the day-to-day operations of the UHN Wellness Centre, and help in the development of new initiatives that can engage employees. He provides opportunities for UHN staff to improve their physical and mental well-being in a holistic and preservative manner. Paul and the Wellness team focus on a variety of dimensions of addressing one’s self including physical, psychological, social, environmental, and occupational. But to really understand the benefits – stop by the UHN Oasis Wellness Centre (1stfloor, Munk wing, by Tim Horton’s).

Also, Paul recommends visiting the UHN Wellness Intranet page for your one-stop-shop on all things wellness related. Click HERE to take a look!


To learn more about Paul and to get a peek inside the Oasis Wellness Centre , check out his photo Q&A below.


What was your favourite Wellness Centre activity this month?



What’s a Wellness Centre initiative that you’re most looking forward to this year?



Favourite meal to make at home?



What do you do for fun?



If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?



When you’re feeling stressed, what’s your favourite way to unwind?



If you could bring one thing on a weekend camping trip, what would it be?



How would you describe your ideal vacation?



What’s on your iPod?



What’s your favourite way to keep active? (Draw it!)



Favourite sports team or athlete?



Describe the UHN Wellness Program in three words?



Describe what wellness means for you personally?



Have a common interest with Paul?   – Share it in the comments section!

  • How you’re curious what that big wheel in the background is…. might be worth finding out in person!
  • How ‘beer’ was a very honest answer.
  • That you’re also a Leafs fan who’s bought into the rebuild!
  • How you know it took a bit of time to get three good words that start with ‘F’ for his describe the Wellness Centre question.
  • That you want to make DIY soaps and bath salts.


The LMP Q&A BUG will resume next week with Yasmin Halley’s nomination:

Ian Kerr, Laboratory Technologist, Rapid Response TWH

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