Introducing “The BUSY Lab”

The BUSY Lab


Welcome to “The BUSY Lab” – a  new weekly column in the LMP Newsletter and a regular feature here on the blog. In each edition we will be inviting you to “experiment” with activities and techniques to enhance your own personal wellness – at work, in life, on the subway – anywhere!


We’re all BUSY at UHN LMP.  How often do we answer a colleague’s, “How are you?” with, “Good… busy!”  Or on our worse days, maybe just a straight up, “Busy.”  Period.

But can we find time in all that BUSY-ness to make time for ourselves? To do the things that make us feel we’re at our best?  To relax?  To exercise?  To have fun?  To just be present in the moment without worrying about that monstrous to-do list?


What if we could find a better kind of BUSY?  What if…

B = Bliss What makes us happy?  What brings us joy?  And how can we integrate more of that into our work and home lives?
U= Unwind How can we relax and manage stress?
S = Strength How can we maintain a strong body, and a strong mind?
Y = YOU There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to the BUSY problem – so we’ll try to offer as many different ideas as we can. Because ultimately, it’s about what works for YOU.


So stop by The BUSY Lab and discover new ways to be your best in 2016!


(Sparked your interest?  Check out “The Busy Trap”, a New York Times opinion piece from 2012: Warning: you might find yourself avoiding the B-word altogether after reading!)



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