Blood transfusions are now quicker, simpler for patients

Sally Balmer, Kate Uchendu and Ina Cherepaha-Kantorovich
Sally Balmer, (C), Manager, Blood Transfusion Laboratories, shows a unit of donor blood which will be cross-matched for the patient ahead of a clinic visit to Kate Uchendu, (L) Nurse Practitioner, UHN Red Blood Cell Disorders Program, and Ina Cherepaha-Kantorovich, (R), Nurse Manager of the Medical Day Unit. (Photo: UHN)

In case you missed it on UHN News (10.05.2016): 

David, 71, and Kayla, his foster daughter, used to travel 320 kilometres in total to Toronto General Hospital every month for Kayla’s transfusion. Now their time on the road and in clinic has been reduced by half.  (Photo: UHN Visual Services)

A program developed by the Toronto General Hospital (TGH) Red Blood Cell Disorders Clinic, UHN Transfusion Medicine, Medical Day Unit and LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services decreases patient trips to the hospital and cuts wait times for blood transfusions in half.

TGH patients can now have their initial blood drawn at a location near their home or work. These blood samples are then transported to the Blood Transfusion Laboratory at TGH where the sample is used to crossmatch the patient with donor blood in preparation for transfusion.

Having the samples collected and tested before patients come for their transfusions reduces time spent in clinic and the need to come to the hospital twice.

“This program has had a profound effect on our patient experience,” says Kate Uchendu, Nurse Practitioner, UHN Red Blood Cell Disorders Program, who spearheaded the new process with a team from UHN Blood Transfusion Labs, UHN Red Blood Cell Disorders Program, LifeLabs and the Medical Day Unit.


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