Laboratory Medicine Program staff living double lives

Gastrointestinal pathologist and immunometablosim scientist, Dr. Daniel Winer, impressively balances clinical care and innovative research to best serve current UHN patients and those who may need care in the future. (Photo: UHN/Laboratory Medicine Program)


In case you missed it on UHN News (10.05.2016): 

The infamous, “So what do you do?” question can stir an inner conflict in most. Even when the question is specific to profession, medical staff from UHN’s Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) may struggle to choose a definitive answer.

Between balancing clinical work and research, for LMP staff, the answer may just depend on the day.

In LMP, there are hundreds of different specialized laboratory professionals who practice clinically each day. Many of these same staff also dedicate huge portions of time outside of their clinical work to advance medical research and conduct innovative studies.

This type of juggling between research and clinical practice is one that many in LMP choose to embrace, as their clinical experience can often help steer research towards practical applications.

“‘From bench to bedside’ is a phrase we use a lot in LMP and our staff research is a great example of how we deliver innovation from our labs to our patients,” says Dr. Runjan Chetty, interim medical director, LMP.

“Lab medicine is often considered an essential aspect of any study, and our medical and technical staff routinely contribute to and lead investigative studies, bringing clinical experience to the forefront of medical research.”




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