Congratulations to Dr. Eleftherios Diamandis

Diamandis_Dr_EPDr. Eleftherios Diamandis, LMP’s Chief of Biochemistry, has been chosen to receive the CSCC Award for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Chemistry by the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists.

This award recognizes Dr. Diamandis’ indelible contributions to the world of clinical chemistry through his strong leadership in clinical service, research and education.

LMP is very lucky to have, as one of our leaders, one of the most highly recognized clinical chemists in the world. He has published several books on areas related to Immunoassay and Tumor Markers; led a NACB committee to develop practice guidelines specifically related to use of tumor markers; and published more than three dozen book chapters, and hundreds of scientific reviews and research papers. He is internationally recognized as a world class Clinician-Scientist and his laboratory has been ranked highest in Canada in areas of proteomics and protease specialty.

 This recognition from the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists is a terrific demonstration of his commitment to our patients and inexhaustible drive to lead one the best biochemistry laboratories in the world. Everyone in LMP is incredibly proud to have him lead our biochemistry team and congratulate him on the tremendous honour.



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