Interview with Hana Shardan, MLT, from Kuwait Cancer Control Center

2014-06-10 11.39.04Recently, the editorial team from The Pathology Report sat down with Hana Shardan, a medical laboratory technologist from the biochemistry lab at the Kuwait Cancer Control Centre (KCCC). The Laboratory Medicine Program has been working closely with the laboratory team at KCCC for some time around education, teaching and clinical care for patients.

Hana works in the lab at KCCC and recently spent some time in the laboratory at Toronto General Hospital to see, first hand, how our laboratory is organized, managed and how we  work with our partners and clinicians. Below is a brief interview with Hana about her time at LMP and what she learned:

Before we talk about your time spent at LMP, tell us a bit about your self and your role at KCCC?

I have worked at KCCC for 18 years and am part of the biochemistry team. Like, LMP, our lab works with many partners from across Kuwait and we receive a variety of samples from different hospitals across the region.

Why did you want to come see our lab?

I really wanted to get an overview of how everything was managed and organized.  Our laboratory at KCCC is moving into a new space, so we have some options in terms of how we organize ourselves. I know that the core lab here at TGH has a really nice arrangement, so I wanted to see how it was laid out, why it worked and see what I could bring back to my lab.

How has the experience been?

By far, the best part has been getting to work with all the friendly people here at LMP. Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly – Tom, Maria, Paul, Pow-Lee, Brad, the entire chemistry team has been great.

What have you done so far?

My schedule has been really well organized – helps give me a good overview of everything. I’ve worked on workflow, inventory training checklists, competency assessments, blood gases and specimen management, just to name a few – and spent time in the TGH core lab, TG immulite bench, TWH chemistry and POCT with Chris and the Princess Margaret.

How long are you here for?

I arrive on June 2 and leave n the 13th. So, by the time you read this, I’ll be up in an airplane.

What would you say to others that are looking to gain similar experience?

Absolutely go for it. Everyone was very friendly and I am incredibly thankful for the experience and to get the chance to see everything and talk to the team. It was great!




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