Leadership in the Lab – (1/3)

Each year, LMP formally recognizes outstanding leadership in laboratory staff through the program’s Laboratory Medicine Leadership Awards.

Staff are nominated by their colleagues and coworkers, and three candidates are then chosen by the Awards Committee. Winners receive a certificate and an award of $350 at the annual Holiday Party.

One of this year’s winners, Joanna Bartczak, Charge Technologist, Immunohistochemistry, was nominated for the leadership qualities and excellence that she brings to work every day. Joanna exemplifies kindness and respect to her colleagues all while bringing a wealth of experience to the lab. 

The nominator acknowledged Joanna’s leadership as outstanding, saying, “She has managed to help us re-organize our lab according to LEAN principles, which has immensely helped the efficiency of our daily work. She asks the questions we don’t even think of when a problem arises, resulting in efficient return to the regular workflow.”

When asked what leadership means to her, Joanna says it’s about instilling trust and including people’s opinions, ideas and mentoring them.

She went on to say, “It is so important to make people feel like they are not just here to perform a job, but that their feedback matters. And lastly, I always say, a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

Congratulations Joanna!


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