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LMP Q&A BUG: Pow- Lee Cheng

October 9, 2015



This week, Pow-Lee Cheng, charge technologist for the Chemistry Core Lab was ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG. The nomination came from last week’s Q&A BUG “victim,” Chris Cursio. Check out Chris’ photo Q&A, HERE.

As a charge technologist for the Biochemistry Core Lab, Pow-Lee oversees the day-to-day testing of chemical analytes. The laboratory performs testing in blood, urine and other body fluid samples. Testing for the Biochemistry lab includes the measurement of High Sensitive Troponin I cardiac marker; HbA1c monitoring for diabetics; renal function testing; monitoring levels of immunosuppressive drugs in transplant patients; as well as many specialized tests such as the quantitation of IgA and IgG autoantibodies for Celiac disease. By providing accurate and timely test results, Biochemistry aids physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients

To get a sneak peek at the personal side of Pow-Lee Cheng, check out her photo Q&A below. Make sure to read to the end to find out who’s next to be ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG. It could be you!


Whereabouts do you live and how do you commute to work?



What was your first job/ worst job?



If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?



What’s your favourite homemade meal?



What do you do for fun?



Favourite TV show?



If you could bring one thing to a deserted island, what would it be?



What’s your favourite animal? (Draw it!)


This is the second fish drawing to appear in the LMP Q&A BUG. Compare it to Gordon Chin’s, HERE!


What’s on your ipod?



What’s your favourite sports team or athlete?



If you had to describe LMP in three words, what would they be?



If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?



Because Pow- Lee completed the photo series Q&A she was given the opportunity to pass the bug onto someone else… It’s now with great pleasure we announce the next staff member to be ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG:

Janet Day, Administrative Assistant, Core Laboratory


Have a common interest with Pow- Lee?   – Share it in the comments section!

  • That you’re a master at cooking potato dishes!
  • How you’re family used to own a potato farm
  • That you know a great museum to check out in PEI 
  • How you can never decide between CSI, NCSI, and Criminal Minds
  • That you’re a little bit disappointed there isn’t another ‘dog’ drawing
  • Etc.

Creativity on display at Pencer Centre art show

October 8, 2015

In case you missed it: UHN News published a story featuring LMP neuropathologist, Dr. Rasmus Kiehl, and the artwork he submitted to the Pencer Centre’s Inner Workings art show.


Dr. Kiehl’s display

Four pieces of artwork submitted by neuropathologist, Dr. Rasmus Kiehl. On the right is an adapted image of famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Girl With a Pearl Earring’. (Photo: University Health Network)

In recognition of Brain Tumour Awareness Month, The Gerry and Nancy Pencer Brain Tumour Centre took time to showcase the talent and creativity of those affected by brain tumours, at the second annual Inner Workings Art Show.

The Pencer Centre, located on the top floor of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, was transformed into a gallery for the event that included 37 displays by 23 different artists.

“The artwork submitted really mirrors the diversity of the brain tumour population,” says Maureen Daniels, coordinator, The Gerry and Nancy Pencer Brain Tumour Centre, and Inner Workings founder.


LMP Q&A BUG: Chris Cursio

October 2, 2015



This week, Chris Cursio, manager of point-of-care testing (POCT) was ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG and the nomination came from fellow dog lover, (***hint: more ‘dog’ drawings to come) Jaimelyn Rara. Check out Jamielyn’s photo Q&A, HERE.

As manager of point-of-care testing, Chris oversees the process where lab testing is taken to the bedside and delivered by non-lab staff across UHN. Chris and her Team oversee initial operator training where UHN staff learn how to perform a test, as well as QC testing, ongoing operator training and proficiency training for each POCT program. Chris also works on overseeing quality assurance for point-of-care testing for many of our partner sites. Testing at the bedside has huge advantages for the speed of which results can be delivered for patient care and there are about 360,000 point-of-care tests administered annually throughout UHN. In addition to these responsibilities, Chris is also the site lab lead at Toronto Western Hospital, and the clinical coordinator of the MLT/MLA student training program.

Learn more on the personal side of Chris Cursio by checking out her photo Q&A below. Make sure to read to the end to find out who’s next to be ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG. It could be you!


Whereabouts do you live and how do you commute to work?



What was your first job/ worst job?



What do you do for fun?


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A warm welcome to our international fellows

October 2, 2015
DSC01541 v3

L-R: Dr. Maryam Al-Murshed and Dr. Naser Alawadhi outside LMP’s pathology conference room


Over the last several months we have welcomed many international technologists and doctors to participate in the Personalized Learning Programs offered throughout our labs. Now we are very proud to welcome two doctors from Kuwait who will stay with us for a full year as they complete their Fellowships in UHN’s Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP).

Dr. Maryam Al-Murshed and Dr. Naser Alawadhi are the two recent additions to the LMP fellowship program, and they have a whole lot in common. They are both from Kuwait, they are both pursuing careers in pathology, and they are both parents to the same children! That is to say they have a family together, and have both come to Canada to complete their subspecialty in pathology.

Dr. Al- Murshed is a graduate from the Kuwait University, and most recently completed her residency in Saudi Arabia. She first began forming an interest in Pathology when she was studying to pass her United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), and found herself quickly attracted to the different pace and investigative nature of the work. She spent a brief amount of time at the Kuwait Cancer Control Centre (KCCC) before going to complete her residency and it was because of our international partnership that Dr. Al-Murshed was introduced to the University Health Network. She is now here for training in neuropathology and has been working with LMP’s Dr. Rasmus Kiehl since her arrival.

Husband, Dr. Alawadhi is a graduate from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and though his interest in pathology may have started because he noticed Dr. Al-Murshed giving a lecture on the subject, he has now traveled halfway around the world to complete his pathology Fellowship at LMP. Dr. Alawadhi’s original subspecialty interest stemmed in dermatopathology, but he noticed a need for cytopathologist in Kuwait and decided that route could potentially serve patients better.

So far Dr. Al- Murshed and Dr. Alawadhi have great things to say about the program and our staff citing it as, welcoming, organized, and well structured. They are both living in Toronto and are bound to be busy inside and outside UHN, as they’ve brought their two children aged four and six with them. This winter will be their first time seeing snow, and for two kids who love Disney’s Frozen it will undoubtedly be a memorable experience. Once we have our first snow, make sure to ask Dr. Al-Murshed and Dr. Alawadhi how it went!

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LMP Q&A BUG: Jaimelyn Rara

September 25, 2015



The LMP Q&A BUG has been getting around lately, with the last three ‘infections’ occurring at Toronto General, Toronto Western and this week at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Jaimelyn Rara, hematology lab technologist was this week’s victim and the nomination came from friend, Selene Fernando in Transfusion Medicine. You can find Selene’s photo Q&A series: HERE.

As a hematology lab technologist, Jaimelyn handles and tests patient samples on a daily basis. The lab specializes in testing for blood clotting mechanisms and blood and bone marrow disorders, such as anemia and leukemia. Jaimelyn and other technologists in the hematology lab will also analyze samples under a microscope to identify possible malignant cells or cells tied to disorders. In addition to the regular duties of a hematology lab technologist, Jaimelyn is also a member of the designated core lab technologist group for viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) testing, and trained to conduct testing on possible Ebola patient samples.

Learn more on the personal side of lab technologist, Jaimelyn Rara by checking out our photo Q&A below. Make sure to read to the end to find out who’s next to be ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG. It could be you!


Whereabouts do you live and how do you commute to work?



What was your first job/ worst job?



What do you do for fun?


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LMP Q&A BUG: Selene Fernando

September 18, 2015



This week, Transfusion Medicine laboratory technologist, Selene Fernando was ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG. The nomination came from laboratory director, Tom Clancy, whose photo Q&A you can see: HERE

As a lab technologist in Transfusion Medicine, Selene is responsible for testing patient blood samples and determining compatibility for transfusions. All blood used in transfusions is attained from Canadian Blood Services and then is securely stored in the blood bank laboratory. Selene and the entire blood bank team then supply blood products throughout UHN hospitals and ensure the proper blood is received by the proper patient. Different types of blood products or derivatives have specific standards for staying effective and usable, for example fresh standard blood is good for around 42 days, where as platelets are only good for five days and must be lightly agitated (shaked) to stay usable. Selene and everyone else in the blood bank play a key role in all patient transfusions and are an essential piece to UHN hospitals.

Learn more on the personal side of lab technologist, Selene Fernando by checking out our photo Q&A below. Make sure to read to the end to find out who’s next to be ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG. It could be you!


Where in Toronto do you live and how do you commute to work?



What did you want to be when you grew up?



What’s your favourite food?


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Judy Torne, MLT recognized by the National Society for Histotechnology in Washington, D.C.

September 15, 2015

J.Torne NSH award


Recently, The National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) presented LMP’s own, Judy Torne, laboratory technologist with the Roche Diagnostics’ Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Award. The awards were presented in Washington D.C. at the 41st Annual NSH Symposium/Convention and recognize outstanding leadership, education, and advocacy in histotechnology.

The event distributed over $40,000 in scholarships and Judy was the only Canadian to receive an award.

“It was incredibly touching to learn I had been chosen as a recipient,” says Judy. “I’ve only been in IHC for two years now, but I’m already so passionate about the work we do and want to keep learning more, and advancing my skills. It really means a lot.”

Upon hearing she was a candidate for the award, Judy was required to submit an up-to-date curriculum of vitae and plans for utilizing the $1000 scholarship. Judy’s plans focus on working towards her personal goals of learning and teaching, and include pursuing educational development through peers in the international community. Judy hopes the information she learns can be used to complement our own work in LMP.

“We are both very proud to see the clinical immunopathology laboratory recognized on a large scale,” says IHC directors, Dr. Emina Torlakovic and Dr. Carol Cheung. “It speaks to the work done by all our staff and showcases the importance of immunohistochemistry in healthcare.”



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