Jay Hockley Retires after 25 years with LMP

Congratulations to Jay Hockley, Manager, Specimen Management, on her retirement after 25 years with the Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) at University Health Network (UHN). Her last day with LMP is Friday, December 23. Jay joined LMP in September, 1997 and began her UHN career with the Rapid Response Lab at Toronto General Hospital (TGH) performing... Continue Reading →

Welcoming Aurora Mejía Benítez, Research Assistant, LMP

Aurora Mejía Benítez is a Medical Doctor who graduated from UNAM-Mexico with a Master's and Doctorate in Genetics and Molecular Biology from CINVESTAV and the Institute Pasteur in France, respectively. She immigrated to Canada to continue her postdoctoral studies at McMaster University where she designed clinical projects in the field of obesity and genetics and... Continue Reading →

Welcoming Dr. Anita Bane, Breast Pathologist

Dr. Anita Bane joined UHN's Breast Pathology team on February 1. She graduated from University College Galway, Ireland in 1995 and completed her internal medicine and pathology residency program equivalent training at the Mater Hospital and St. James’ Hospital Dublin, Ireland respectively.  She subsequently completed a Breast Pathology Fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto with Dr. Frances... Continue Reading →

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