Dr. Bruce Youngson Retires after 30 years at UHN

Dr. Bruce Youngson will be retiring on December 31, 2021 after more than 30 years of exemplary service to Pathology at UHN.  Bruce started at TGH in September 1991 and in his more than 30 years here, he has seen many changes. 

Bruce attended medical school at the University of Toronto.  He did his Anatomical Pathology residency at U of T and after a one year Fellowship with Paul Rosen in New York came back to Toronto and has been a leading expert in Breast Pathology here ever since.  He has published widely on many breast pathology topics.  He was one of the first to describe the phenomenon of displaced tumor cells and his landmark papers on this are still frequently cited. 

For some time Bruce was the only Breast Pathologist at UHN but he was subsequently joined by Dr. Naomi Miller, Dr. Susan Done, Dr. Hal Berman and Dr. Anna Marie Mulligan.  Bruce was involved in the initiation of breast tissue banking at UHN and led the breast pathology component of the pivotal NSABP B32 trial at UHN. 

His opinion is valued nationally and internationally.  Indeed Bruce’s opinion is highly valued by many in our program on many topics both related to medicine and beyond.  Bruce is a fantastic teacher, winning the 1996 UHN W.H. Anderson Award for individual teaching excellence.  His legacy will continue through the innumerable pathology residents and Oncology Fellows he has taught as well as 19 Breast Pathology Fellows that are in practice in many major Canadian Centers and around the world.  In 2019, he was awarded the well-deserved UHN LMP J.B. Cullen Award for Clinical Excellence and Professionalism and he is currently one of our department’s Wellness coordinators.

There are many things beyond medicine that he is looking forward to spending more time on; skiing, spending time at the cottage, canoeing/kayaking, scuba diving, woodworking, small engine repair, spending more time with his three grown-up sons who he is very proud of, travelling with his wife Charlotte who he is devoted to, and herself is a Nature published author and professor at Ryerson.

Bruce you will be missed greatly.


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