Welcoming Aurora Mejía Benítez, Research Assistant, LMP

Aurora Mejía Benítez is a Medical Doctor who graduated from UNAM-Mexico with a Master’s and Doctorate in Genetics and Molecular Biology from CINVESTAV and the Institute Pasteur in France, respectively. She immigrated to Canada to continue her postdoctoral studies at McMaster University where she designed clinical projects in the field of obesity and genetics and published various papers.

Aurora brings her background in Genetics and Medicine to her work at UHN Biospecimen services as she coordinates and onboards research studies within UHN, the pharmaceutical industry, and the Ontario Network. She is particularly interested in highlighting the importance of Biobanks in translational medicine. In addition, she has recently been assigned to support pathology needs for the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centre Network (MOHCCN) studies, where she will work with LMP pathologists to identify samples with sufficient tumour burden for further genetic sequencing.

Outside of work, she is an active volunteer for the Canadian Science Policy Centre (CSPC) and the Confederation of Mexican Postgraduate Students and Researchers in Canada (CEIMEXCAN).


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