The 19th Annual William Anderson Memorial Lecture

William Anderson Lecture presented by Dr. Anil Parwani

LMP Medical and Scientific staff held the 2019 Advances in Lab Medicine Symposium and the 19th Annual William Anderson Memorial Lecture on Monday, September 16th.

There were five talks throughout the afternoon, leading up to the LMP Dr. J.B. Cullen Award, which was granted to LMP pathologist, Dr. Bruce Youngson for his ongoing comittment to LMP and his supportive collegiate approach to pathology—Congratulations!

(Left to right: Dr. Bayardo Perez-Ordonez, Dr. Bruce Youngson, Dr. Runjun Chetty) Dr. Youngson receives LMP Dr. J.B. Cullen Award.

Following the ceremony, Dr. Anil Parwani, Professor of Pathology and Biomedical Informatics, The Ohio State University, presented his talk, “Advancing Diagnostic Pathology: Impact of Digital Pathology and Computational Pathology Tools.”

A big thanks to all involved LMP medical and scientific staff for their contributions in planning the 19th Annual William Anderson Memorial Lecture, as well as LMP’s administrative staff, including: Yvonne Bedford, Linda Karkada, Laura Conorton, Tamara Dixon, Niveda Illandiraiyan and Melissa Skarban.

This year’s team truly came together to ensure the event’s success!
More photos here »


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