What is Bloody Easy?

As the medical director for the Coagulation Laboratory at UHN and Sunnybrook, Dr. Rita Selby is responsible for the routine and Special coagulation testing for each of our hospitals and sites as well as our partner hospitals (Lakeridge Health, Timmins and cluster, Sault Area hospital) and for referred-in testing from our contract clients (Lifelabs, Dynacare, & regional hospitals).

bloody easyAccording to Dr. Selby, this unique collaboration “allows for regional sharing of coagulation expertise in quality control, quality assurance, standardization and utilization of coagulation tests and medical interpretation of specialized coagulation assays plus also serving as a regional resource for physicians and health care providers for advice on complicated coagulation issues”.

Recently The Pathology Report asked Dr. Selby about Bloody Easy: Coagulation Simplified, a handbook that she co-authored and edited along with experts across her field. Read our Q&A below, to learn more.

 What is Bloody Easy: Coagulation Simplified?

Bloody Easy: Coagulation Simplified is a handbook that provides practical information on blood coagulation. It is designed to enhance the knowledge of all health care professionals (physicians, nurses, pharmacists and medical technologists) about the basics of blood coagulation and its application, from routine testing in the coagulation laboratory to anticoagulant drugs and the assessment and management of common bleeding disorders.

 What was involved in putting together this issue?

I was the lead author and a working group of coagulation experts across Ontario contributed content and provided peer review.  Dr. Yulia Lin (Sunnybrook)  was also an editors.  Lesley Black (Charge technologist in LMP) was one of the content developers. Hope Creative provided the design/layout of the material.  Images and photographs were produced or reproduced by the media department at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

 How is it distributed?

Bloody Easy: Coagulation Simplified was funded by the Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network (ORBCoN), a grant program supported through the Blood Programs Coordinating Office of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.  Project management and distribution of the book is through ORBCoN.  It can be ordered through the Transfusion Ontario website:  www.transfusionontario.org. The book is free (shipping charges may apply) to health professionals, hospitals and educational institutions within Ontario. It can also be downloaded as a free pdf  from the Transfusion Ontario website – www.transfusionontario.org .


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