LMP and the Princess Margaret Goal Reporting Day

In May 2013, Princess Margaret hosted its 1st annual Goals and Objectives Retreat which was attended by almost 300 staff members, including representatives from LMP.  During the retreat, the various units and departments set team goals for the upcoming year.

DSC03703In October 2013, a Goal Reporting Day was held for teams to provide progress updates and learnings from their goals and members from LMP gave a presentation on “Understanding the Process and the Barriers of Timely Delivery of Specimens.”

Recently, the team was able to give a poster presentation of their goal at the 1st annual Princess Margaret Goal Reporting Poster Day that explained their goal and how it would improve patient care. The presentation addressed the following questions:

What did the team do to achieve the goal?

DSC03701The team organized and participated in clinical working groups to ensure successful implementation of a variety of initiatives including; stem cell apheresis move to TGH; improved TAT of test results for urgent TFC patients and; improved blood transfusion communication via whiteboard notification. The team also –

  •  Worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to understand expectations and limitations
  • Engaged staff for process improvement input
  •  Aligned clinic schedules with patient flow through blood collection centres, laboratory testing, transportation and treatment clinics
  • Implemented a process of prioritization via use of visual flags
  • Provided input in support of whiteboard improvement project

What was the outcome?

  • Implementation of priority processes to facilitate optimization of treatment time for apheresis patients
  • Improved TAT to facilitate treatment for urgent TFC patients
  • Improved whiteboard communications (standard language, visual flags

Who was involved?

Dr. David Barth, Laurie Mason, Sally Balmer, Jay Hockley, Diana Booth, Fatima Cardoso, Gisele Thorpe, Maria Amenta and technicians in blood collection, including Patsy Raymond, and the team of technologists from hematology and blood transfusion.

What was the “Greatest Learning”?
The laboratory needs to be engaged to be able to understand the process because there is always a solution.

“What are you most proud of?”
The collaboration and engagement by all laboratory professionals was extraordinary. Everyone wanted to see the success of these initiatives because they could make the positive impact association with patient care.

DSC03704Reflecting on the goal process, Maria Amenta thanked the team and explained that “thanks to input from Patsy Raymond, and the entire team of technicians in blood collection and the team of technologists working in hematology and blood transfusion, Transfusion Centre patients waiting to find out if they require blood products are now waiting less.  Previously, results could’ve taken up to 60 min or longer, clinicians are now receiving results within 20 min and are able to make transfusion decisions that much sooner. Their commitment to improving patient care is what makes LMP succeed and excel in all areas of our laboratory.”

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