Yvonne Bedford Retires after 21 years with LMP

After 21 years as an Administrative Assistant, Yvonne Bedford will retire from the Laboratory Medicine Program at UHN. Yvonne spent over two decades in various administrative roles, including 15 years supporting the Program Medical Director.

“I’m proud of myself,” says Yvonne. “I was really dedicated and available and I worked hard. The time I spent here in this department, in my various capacities has been rewarding in many ways.”

One of Yvonne’s proudest moments is watching students progress in their careers.

“One of the highlights of my career is engaging with many summer students who have become doctors and the encouragement I get from them when they are back in the department to express appreciation for what I have done for them,” she says.

Yvonne says she will truly miss the friends and colleagues that she’s leaving behind —  and there’s no question that Yvonne will be dearly missed.

“Yvonne is a great colleague who has always taken interest in my family and what I do outside of work. In fact, she takes interest in everyone,” says Ilan Weinreb, Division Head of Anatomical Pathology, LMP. “She is always figuring things out for me, including things that are not her job. I always know that she will have my back.”

Ilan lobbied to have Yvonne join his team when a vacancy became available.

“I considered that a steal for our group. I really admire her work ethic and determination and her “chutzpah”, through health situations, her commitment to marathon running, and her steady presence in the department for my entire career,” he says.

Yvonne has completed a whopping 55 marathons and is not slowing down anytime soon. She is looking forward to more training in her retirement.

“I’ve been offered an invite to the London, England marathon in October, so I’ll be doing a lot of training for that,” she says.

Her advice to the next generation of lab administrative professionals?

“Have a positive attitude towards your work, that’s very important.”


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