LMP’s Blood Bank Family receives AABB Gold Stamp of Approval

Recently AABB, a nonprofit association that develops internationally accepted quality management system essentials and standards, was at LMP to assess operational process and quality and safety in our blood bank system.

Just this week, the audit report came back. Here are some highlights:

“Medical and technical staff and leadership run an awesome ship!”

“The team is charming, caring, and well-versed.”

“I would like to take your staff home with me.”

Whatever the question or scrutiny, our blood bank staff responded swiftly and capably with warmth and thoughtfulness.

Aside from two small and fixable non-conformances, there were many praises on the blood bank’s process and procedures that stand out as exemplary.

“Blood, a thing that drug companies can’t yet make, bring so much good and life to people under our watch,” says Dr. Christine Cserti, LMP Transfusion Medicine Specialist. “And all through the diligent and dedicated work of your hands and minds.”

The outcome of the report is internally recognized validation for our continued excellence by LMP’s Blood Bank.

Kudos team!!

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