The Medical Care Hero: An Insight into a Pathologist’s Day – Part 1

Author:  Dr. O. Adeyi Mr. John Marshall is a middle-aged man who received a liver transplant more than a year ago. His own liver had failed after many years of fighting an infection with hepatitis C (HCV) virus. He has had to queue up on the waiting list for more than a year before he... Continue Reading →

The Medical Care Hero: An Insight into a Pathologist’s Day – Introduction

Author:  J. Buttivant As we mentioned in an earlier post, the work we do in laboratory medicine affects approximately 80%  of patients. The information that your primary care provider receives in your test results are critical in guiding your care and treatment plan. We, as pathologists, are integral members of the health care team and... Continue Reading →

Words of Wisdom from the Writings of Sir William Boyd

Author:  Dr. A. Gotlieb The field of pathology and laboratory medicine has had a very distinguished past. Many important medical discoveries arose from careful observations and innovative experimentation carried out by pathologists. The clinical material became the source of inspiration to study the pathogenesis of human disease. Major advances in oncologic research, cardiac and vascular... Continue Reading →

What’s a Pathologist?

Author:  Dr. C. Cheung We’re doctors! We are medical doctors that specialize in the study of disease, usually through the examination of tissue using a wide variety of techniques. Usually this means we look and touch tissue and put it under a microscope to help the patient figure out what the problem is.  In our... Continue Reading →

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