Welcoming LMP’s 2022 summer learners

For many academic programs across LMP, summer is a time for new learners to join us for clinical placements. We’d like to welcome the new fellows and residents. A number of them have been able to take time out of their initial days in LMP to introduce themselves to us, an exercise we’d like to grow in the future across our training programs!

Laboratory Medicine Program Anatomic Pathology Fellows:

James Cotton (Gastrointestinal + Liver Fellow)

My name is James Cotton. I was born in Calgary, Alberta where I completed the MD/PhD training program. I completed my Anatomical Pathology Residency at the University of Toronto. I enjoy spending time with my wife and our two dogs, Mia and Ellie. My wife and I love taking our two dogs for hikes or on weekend getaways.

Khaled Al-Sawalmeh (Genitourinary pathology fellow)

I am Khaled Al-Sawalmeh, from Jordan. I finished Anatomical Pathology residency training at King Abdullah University Hospital with Higher degree specialization in pathology from Jordan University of science and Technology and did further anatomical pathology training from Hamad Medical Corporation-Qatar. My non-medical side, I enjoy swimming, reading in general and technology in specific in addition to gaming in my spare time, hence my perfect day would start with spoon of honey and reading and end with gaming. I also enjoy travelling and exercising.  I currently live in Toronto with my adorable wife and lovely two kids. I did renal pathology fellowship last year that was amazing. At the moment, I am enjoying doing genitourinary pathology fellowship training. All the best and hope to meet everyone.

Alhareth (Harith) Azaizeh (Renal Pathology Fellow)

My name is Alhareth Azaizeh, “Harith” for short. I am from Jordan. I studied medicine at Army Medical College, Pakistan with a full scholarship from Jordan Armed Forces. I currently hold the rank of a captain. I enjoy a good book, travelling, hiking and cooking. I am a father of a six year old boy. I love what I do and try to learn something new every day. 

Catherine Connolly (Gynecological Pathology Fellow)

I graduated from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 2009 and underwent residency training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and subsequently Anatomical Pathology at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, United Kingdom in 2021. I completed a Fellowship in Perinatal Pathology in Mount Sinai Hospital last year and am now commencing a Fellowship in Gynaecological Pathology. I am enjoying exploring Canada and enjoy travelling and hiking.

Philippe Echelard (Breast Pathology Fellow)

My name is Philippe Echelard, I’m from Montreal, Canada. I like to play video games and spend time with my wife and my 1-year-old daughter. I read the summary of almost every movie that comes out in theatres, but I don’t like watching movies.

Shauna Wentzell (Hematopathology Fellow)

Hello! My name is Shauna Wentzell and I am coming from Hamilton, Ontario (not too far away!). I am an avid baker and sports enthusiast. When I was younger I played a lot of squash, nowadays I stick to the gym or some amazing outdoor walks/hikes. As a ‘Hamiltonian’ I am no stranger to the Tiger-Cats CFL football games and have seasons passes, I have yet to miss a game in 4 years rain or shine! Despite being in love with the Hamilton CFL team, I recently got a puppy named Kevin and she has been the culprit of many sleepless nights and without a doubt has trumped my love of my dear Tiger-Cats!  

Robert Ta (Gynecological Fellow)

Hi, my name is Robert and I was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. I completed my residency training in anatomical/clinical pathology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and my fellowship in hematopathology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA. I love hiking, running, and enjoy eating delicious food. Above all else, I love playing squash, so if anybody is up for a game, I have access to a squash court in my building! I look forward to returning to Toronto and Canada and hope to explore some new restaurants while learning more pathology with you all! 

Suzan Samah Mujali al-Mbaideen (Dermatopathology Fellow)

I was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. I complete residency training in Anatomical Pathology at Jordan University Hospital after which I successfully cleared my board exam. I moved with my family to Dubai and worked as a specialist for three years. I enjoy reading and baking in my free time. I look forward to expanding my knowledge, enriching my experience, and becoming a better pathologist.

Azhar Alshoumer (Neuropathology Fellow)

I am Azhar Alshoumer from Saudi Arabia, I completed residency training program in Anatomic Pathology at King AbdulAziz Medical City- National Guard Health Affairs in Riyadh. I will live in Toronto with my daughters, Durra (5 years) and Sara (2 years). In my free time I usually read or stay with my kids 

Wejdan Alquran (Endocrine Pathology Fellow)

I was born and raised in Jordan. I have graduated from the faculty of medicine in Jordan university of science and technology and completed a residency training in the same university affiliated hospital. Last year I completed a Fellowship in Gynaecological pathology at TGH and now I am commencing a fellowship in endocrine Pathology.  I am passionate about my work because I love what I do.

I am a mother for two boys, and I barely have spare time for any hobby! 

I love learning and developing new skills. Some of these skills have proven useful in my career, and some are just for me to enjoy.  I absolutely love cooking and baking sweets; running is my perfect “alone time” hobby. I like to run with headphones and listen to my favorite music. I also love international traveling if you consider that a hobby!

I am excited and looking forward to meeting some awesome people and making new friends.

Cindy Montero (Renal Pathology Fellow)

Hello! My name is Cindy Montero. I grew up in a small town called Moravia in Costa Rica, and studied Anatomical Pathology at the University of Costa Rica. During my last year of residency, I had the opportunity to do a fascinating Observership in Renal Pathology at Toronto General Hospital. It was a very rewarding experience and now I am excited to do a Fellowship in this field. As for hobbies, I love yoga, pilates and nature. The fresh forest air really does something for me. I am grateful for the life opportunities that I have had, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you. See you soon!

Najd Alshamlan

Dr. Najd Alshamlan is from the central region of Saudi Arabia. She obtained an MBBS from King Saud University and completed her anatomic pathology training in King Faisal Specialist Hospital in the capital city, Riyadh. She joined Team LMP last year and has completed a Thoracic pathology fellowship. She is now commencing a fellowship in Breast pathology. Outside of medicine, her interests include art, coffee and travel.

Amna Almutrafi (Thoracic Pathology Fellow)

I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. I obtained my medical degree from Taibah university, Saudi arabia. I completed my residency training in Anatomical pathology at King Abdulaziz medical city, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. When it comes to hobbies, I enjoy cooking, traveling, sightseeing and culinary tourism. I am looking forward to working with everyone this year.

Omer Hamdan (Gastrointestinal + Liver Pathology fellow)

I am originally from Jordan. The University of Mutah awarded me a medical degree in 2012, and I completed my residency in surgical and anatomical pathology at Jordan University Hospital in Amman. It was my passion for gastrointestinal pathology that compelled me to pursue my training in that field. After moving to Toronto in 2021, I completed my fellowship in gastrointestinal pathology at Mount Sinai Hospital. It was such a joy to be accepted for a second year fellowship in hepatobiliary pathology at Toronto General Hospital, where I work right now.

I live in Toronto with my beloved wife and my 5 years old son. Besides spending time with my family, I enjoy running and yoga in my free time.


Shifaa AlQa’Qa (Genitourinary pathology fellow)

Ayah Saleh ElQaderi (Head & Neck Pathology Fellow)

I am Ayah Elqaderi, 34-year-old. I was born and raised in Jordan. I graduated from Jordan university of Science and Technology with a medical degree, 2012 and I completed a residency training in Surgical Histopathology at Jordan University Hospital/ University of Jordan, 2017.

It is little complicated when it comes to my hobbies; I like cooking, reading and thoughts writing, but after becoming a mom I really have no time to practice or even enjoy them. To be honest, I consider Pathology as a hobby, as I enjoy practicing it, finding it as a case-solving activity which needs deep thinking for each individual case separately. 

I used to live in Jordan till 2017, after that I moved to Kuwait with my husband and worked there for three and half years (2018-2022).

As I said earlier, I am a mother. I have 4-year-old son, my wonderful Zaid.

 I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in the upcoming year.

Muneerah al Zouman (Dermatopathology Fellow)

My name is Muneerah al Zouman, I come from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and i am an Anatomic Pathologist (since 2018).  I am the mother of two beautiful children Haya (5) and Alhussain (1). I enjoy cooking, traveling, reading and music (listener and not a performer). I enjoy exploring different cultures through their food, stories and tunes. I can almost always find similarities between cultures that seem so far apart. I am looking forward to my chance to experience Canadian culture throughout this year (in addition to my dermatopathology fellowship).


Maryam Abdollahi
Sarah Khan
Margaret Stevenson
Shirley Yu
Grace Yi
Alexander O’Berc
Niloofar Sina
Khalil Udwan
Hao Li
Farshad Nassiri
Shahistha Sayeda


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