First ever #TeamLMP Day a great success

Thursday, February 17, was #TeamLMP Day. It was primarily a day to beam a little sunshine into what can be a dreary month, but also to recognize the launch of our inaugural LMP Education Strategic Plan, and to recognize and celebrate the Indigo Lab Coat Campaign.

Cookies were distributed. Christine Bruce’s one-of-a-kind (well, 10 of a kind) lab coat was toured around the department. Conversations were held about education.  And crossword clues were shared amongst teams.

Thank-you to all who engaged, congratulations to the prize winners, and we hope to continue to celebrate education and our medical laboratory professions in many such ways in future!

Crossword Prize Winners

(drawn from 68 submissions!)

Sylvie Grenier (Genome Dx)

Dana Pabedinskas (Cytology)

Adam Volk (Clerical/Admin)

Cindy Bautista (Micro)

Rodney Quiatchon (Hive)

Darlene Garcia (Micro)

Ken Nguyen (Hematology)

Yumna Sajid (Micro)

Jenny Nguyen (Blood Bank)

Cindy Prashad (Blood Bank)

Liezl Prangan (Blood Collection)

Judy Tran (Hematology)

Annie-Lou Avellano (Micro)


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