LMP Phlebotomy Services Expands

On Oct. 1, UHN phlebotomy expanded its services to Toronto Rehab Institute’s University Centre and Bickle Centre, as well as Toronto Grace Hospital.

In an effort to reduce costs and provide timely care to patients, six new phlebotomists were hired and the service was brought in-house.

Please join us in welcoming:

  • Sacchin Patel (Bickle), Grace Belo (University Centre) and Jatin Bhatt (all sites), who are joining us from LifeLabs where they supported UHN’s phlebotomy needs. Jatin and Sacchin have been providing phlebotomy services to Toronto Rehab for 12 years and Grace for two years. Their previous work experience will help create a smooth transition for TeamUHN.
  • Jenika Rodriguez, Keith Ong and Esther Olayaioye have also joined the UHN phlebotomy team.  

At Lyndhurst, phlebotomy services are now being performed by UHN nurses. LMP staff worked with nursing managers and educators to train nursing champions to perform blood draws. The lab trainers from TGH and TWH did a fantastic job and the nursing team was very appreciative of this support. 

Holter Monitoring Service (a portable device for cardiac monitoring) was also brought in-house and will continue to be provided to all three Toronto Rehab sites.


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