Biochemistry track automation go-live

On June 9, 2021, the UHN Core Laboratory went live with its Abbott a3600 Track. The new routine chemistry and immunoassay automation line includes a bulk input module, input/output module, three centrifuges, two specimen storage and retrieval units, decapper, de-sealer and sealer modules.

This milestone was the final part of the Core Lab Refresh project, which spanned multiple years; multiple phases, construction throughout the lab and re-organization of workflow/benches, numerous validations and water system renewal – all while continuing to operate 24/7 and deliver quality patient results!

Both Princess Margaret Hospital (PMG) and Toronto Western Hospital (TW) rapid response labs went live with their Abbott Alinity instrument in December 2018 and November 2019, respectively. Toronto General Hospital’s Core Lab went live with their Abbott Alinity instruments in September 2020 without an automation line. It was a busy bee-hive in the Core Lab. This was a major undertaking resulting in the removal of the first ever automation line to be installed in Canada (> 13 years ago) and replacement with the a3600 linear track model. 

“I would like to thank all staff who participated and assisted in the validation of the new automation track, from Diagnostic Test Centre and Specimen Management to the Chemistry Department,” says Ivana Vidovic, Manager, Core Laboratory. “Thank you to all the Core Lab staff who have worked patiently through the renovations. There was noise and disruptions and we moved benches more than once. You all were so wonderful and handled it like champs. I’m so proud of you all.” 

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