Announcing Kayu Chin as Supervisor of Genetics & Histocompatibility

I am pleased to announce that Kayu Chin, Senior MLT, Advanced Diagnostics has been promoted to Supervisor of Genetics & Histocompatibility, effective June 5.

Kayu has worked in the Genome Diagnostic Lab at UHN for the last 14 years.  During this time she has developed and demonstrated her many qualities and strengths including her organizational skills, methodical troubleshooting, attention to detail and sound decision making.  Every day, she brings her energy and enthusiasm to work along with her high standards. 

She has been a high performer in almost every aspect of the clinical laboratory including test development and validation, accreditation preparation, regular QC and high volume clinical testing—often all at the same time. She’s an integral part of the team and is always willing to support her co-workers and colleagues.        

Please join us in congratulating Kayu on her promotion, and we look forward to the continued success of LMP’s Advanced Diagnostics service.


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