Leadership in the lab – MLT stands out for dedication to patient care

Each year, LMP formally recognizes outstanding leadership in laboratory staff through the program’s Laboratory Medicine Leadership Awards.

Staff are nominated by their colleagues and coworkers, and three candidates are then chosen by the Awards Committee. Winners receive a certificate and an award of $350 at the annual Holiday Party.

The final person to be recognized for this year’s MLT awards is Ian Kerr, Medical Lab Technologist in the Rapid Response Laboratory at TWH. Ian was nominated for being an encouraging and dedicated leader who takes the time to engage staff and establish strong relationships with everyone he communicates with. His focus has always been on patient care, his colleagues, and establishing an inclusive learning environment. 

The nominator acknowledged Ian’s leadership style, saying, “Ian has patient care and staff always at the forefront. He is the main go-to person at the TWH Rapid Lab when there is an issue and participates wholeheartedly to ensure the lab needs are never compromised. His positive attitude and dedication to patient care and his team is excellent. He treats everyone with respect and always has a caring attitude!” – Nominator

When asked what leadership means to him, Ian says, “It is about leading by example and not asking anyone to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself. That means that often times you will see me pushing a fridge in the back of the room because everyone else is busy.”

Ian continued to speak about how you treat people in the lab is monumental to the overall success of operations and how people perform. He finished off by saying, “listen to what people are telling you and continue to learn all you can learn and always show up with the right attitude.”

Congratulations Ian!

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