Dr. Phedias Diamandis spreading the world on neuroscience!

Dr. Phedias Diamandis, MD PhD, FRCPC, has created an online space to foster education and curiosity within the world of neuroscience. His YouTube series, NeuroscIQ, provides an environment where people can log in and learn about the brain with new weekly topics that feature timely and relevant content. 

“I wanted to create a platform where students, trainees, and the general public can become engaged in topics that are at the forefront of neuroscience research”, says Dr. Diamandis. In addition to weekly topics discussed by undergraduate students, he also features lectures on his channel that are catered to a different audience – one with more expertise in the field. 

“The videos are also a way to discuss research papers that my research team publishes using simpler terms for the general public to understand”, says Dr. Diamandis. His intent is to motivate and empower younger students to take an interest in science by delivering relevant and intriguing neuroscience teachings. For example, a video on the science behind Elon Musk’s Neuralink technology or breaking down the basics about concussions. 

NeuroscIQ is still in its infancy with hopes that the videos will reach new audiences every week. “The master plan is to eventually bring on experts”, says Dr. Diamandis. “The series is still in a phase where we are trying to recruit new pathologists to participate. In the meantime, we have excellent students that fill in the weekly episodes with more accessible information on neuroscience. The plan however is to be inclusive and reach everyone at different levels of training and expertise so we can build an online community for neural sciences.” 

He gave a special shout out to U of T undergraduate student, Ms. Kristina Valkanas, who is considered the mastermind behind the videos – managing, editing and adding in animations and sounds to increase engagement. “We are so fortunate to be affiliated with the University of Toronto and have access to talented young students with such creativity and potential.”

Another benefit to the channel is being able to make the research that is being funded tangible to donors. “The donors deserve to be informed what the research output is in accessible formats. They also need to be recognized too and we can do that through showcasing the work they fund on this platform” adds Dr. Diamandis.  

To see for yourself, you can watch, comment, and subscribe at youtube.com/neurosciq

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