Leadership in the lab – MLT stands out for everyday kindness

Each year, LMP formally recognizes outstanding leadership in laboratory staff through the program’s Laboratory Medicine Leadership Awards.

Staff are nominated by their colleagues and coworkers, and three candidates are then chosen by the Awards Committee. Winners receive a certificate and an award of $350 at the annual Holiday Party.

One of the three chosen winners this year is Shabnam Salehi-Rad, Medical Lab Technician in the Cancer Cytogenetics Lab at MaRS, who was nominated for her dedication to education, leadership skills, and overall kindness towards staff everyday.   

The nominator acknowledged Shabnam’s leadership as positive and encouraging, saying, “she always walks in with a smile on her face each morning, and makes it known that she is always available to talk. She does a great job at organizing team building exercises to improve team communication.”

When asked what leadership means to her, Shabnam says “it is taking initiative and trying to improve the environment that you are in and helping others improve as well. Communication is very important – you need to communicate with others to get their opinion and be open to criticism.”

She went on to say, “the best approach to leadership is self-improvement and continuing to educate yourself on new things so that you can be a great teacher and leader to others. I always make time to improve my own skills and meet new people along the way.”

Congratulations Shabnam! We will be highlighting the final winner in the next issue of the LMP Insider.

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