Working together to meet patients’ needs

Recently, LMP received a patient compliment expressing a deep appreciation for staff coming together on short-notice and fulfilling an oncologic tissue request.

The request came in two days prior to the patient’s scheduled surgery, and asked LMP to perform a quick section of the patient’s removed tumour so a tissue sample could be sent to New Jersey’s Champions Oncology clinic for additional molecular testing.

In short-order, LMP’s Pathology Client Services team, staff gynecological pathologists and UHN Oncology Biobank came together to fulfill the request.

The patient’s husband followed up afterwards to acknowledge how he left the hospital feeling assured, and that his wife was well looked after.

Special thanks and recognition to Darshini Jesudasan, Dianne Chadwick, Rosetta Belcastro, and Drs. Blaise Clarke and Marjan Rouzbahman for answering the call and moving quickly to meet our patients’ needs.

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