The move to MaRS is finally over PT 1

The 4-week long hustle and bustle to move LMP’s Pathology and Advanced Diagnostics Labs to the MaRS West Tower has come to an end. Although the first day of the move kicked off with a code brown, the process as a whole was seamless.

Team leads, vendors, service engineers, and staff members—everyone involved in the move fused together to make this transition run as smooth as possible.

Dr. Runjun Chetty and Dr. Bayardo Perez-Ordonez thoughtfully provided lunch for the PRP and Histopathology teams after they spent hours over the weekend catching up on workload and assisting with the move.

The Lecia management team and service engineers were on site all of last week to ensure that every piece of equipment was transitioned with care. The Leadership Team instrumentally organized the move and addressed any issues that came up right away.

Boris and Steve, Histology Technicians

Histology Technicians, Boris Ister and Steve Lima, went above and beyond to get the instruments back online, after assisting with the move and making sure piece of machinery was working safe and sound.

The move team, AMJ, Supervisor Joe Walsh was very pleased to work with all of the LMP lab staff during the move. He mentioned that he has rarely worked on a move where people were so well prepared, friendly, helpful and cooperative with his team.

These photos of the LMP Lab staff truly reflect their contagious excitement and emotion to be working in a new atmosphere with tall ceilings, and big windows, allowing more light and space.

To wrap up the last day of the move, Roche, one of the vendors, kindly provided lunch for the pathology team.  Not only did all teams work together, but recognized each other’s efforts during this time.

Change is almost impossible without collaboration, cooperation, trust and teamwork. This is what teamwork looks like–outstanding job to every individual involved.

Stay tuned to hear about the rest of the move featured in the next LMP Insider.

Check out more photos here.

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