Jumping into action for urgent patient care

While visiting patient floors for blood collection, Karlene Jackson, LMP Specimen Management Technician entered a patient room to a startling scene.

She found a patient with a disconnected IV, and a resulting pool of blood on the bed and floor.

Responding immediately, Karlene rushed to the front nurses’ desk and interrupted a safety huddle to get the patient urgent care.

Shocked, the charge nurse and patient’s nurse ran into the room trying to stop the bleeding, and a Stat code was called for four units of blood. The patient was then transferred to the ICU for transfusion and further treatment.

Later on, the nurses ended up thanking Karlene for finding the patient and acting as quick as she did. Her contributions were an example of the value a collective care team provides and how everyone throughout UHN has the opportunity and ultimately, the responsibility, to offer exceptional patient care.

Amazing job Karlene!

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