Two LMP Staff Graduate from UHN’s Emerging Leader Program

Emerging Leaders Graduates Amanda Chan (M) and Kenny Chieu (R) at the graduation ceremony with LMP Pathology Lab Manager Rose Belcastro (L).

UHN’s Emerging Leaders Program is designed to help employees examine new ways of enhancing their on-the-job performance and prepare for future leadership opportunities that may come their way.

The 10-month voluntary program offers an opportunity for high-performing individuals to explore and strengthen leadership skills.

Through various workshops, learning labs and a stretch project to help them apply their skills, the program is designed to take people out of their comfort zone.

Among the graduates, who celebrated the completion of the program last week, were two LMP emerging leaders: Amanda Chan, Pathologists Assistant, and Kenny Chieu, Manager, Medical Quality Assurance.

Over the course of the program, both worked on projects on top of their existing workload to improve process and work in LMP.

Here’s an overview of their projects:

Currently PAs have to rotate through different grossing benches on a weekly basis at three different sites. There is huge variability in the way benches are set up by each individual, which is exacerbated by the fact that each bench does not have the essential tools and supplies needed. This leads to lost time and increased stress trying to find the right tools/supplies for getting the day started. 

Amanda’s project is working on standardizing the grossing benches to make the weekly rotation as seamless as possible, with increased safety and productivity as her end goal. Through this, she also hopes to develop a more robust tracking and ordering system for tools so LMP can order the necessary items in a timely manner.

Amanda Chan accepts her graduation certificate from CEO Kevin Smith

Kenny’s project also focused on process improvement, but in a different area. He wanted to create a medical quality dashboards by way of visual representations of data. The goal is for the dashboards to help operational managers and lab physicians better plan and predict workload.

Kenny created a prototype for Anatomic Pathology using data from CoPath. It is currently being evaluated, tested and revised upon. The hope is for this to expand to other lab areas in the future.

Kenny Chieu accepts his graduation certificate from CEO Kevin Smith

Among the graduates Dr. Kevin Smith, UHN’s President and CEO, and Emma Pavlov, Executive Vice President Human Resources/Organizational Development and Michener Operations, were at the ceremony to celebrate UHN’s leaders of tomorrow.

Congratulations on your graduation, Kenny and Amanda, and thank you for constantly driving quality and improvement in LMP!

The 2018-2019 Emerging Leaders Graduating Class

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