LMP Expertly Manages Code Grey Situation

LMP’s Blood Transfusion Team

Over this past week during a planned upgrade to the Laboratory Information System (LIS), an unexpected Code Grey descended upon LMP’s Blood Transfusion Team. Overall system slowness was observed and the turnaround times for the issue of blood products were adversely affected, particularly the Electronic crossmatch and issue of RBCs. As a result, there was concern patient care would be impacted.

In a heroic effort, LMP’s Blood Transfusion Team, pulled together to mitigate additional delays. Working closely with UHN Digital, and TGH/TWH/PM site leads, the team:

  • Crossmatched ahead of surgery for patients undergoing Group 3 procedures as per Surgical Blood Ordering Schedule (SBOS),
  • Communicated expected turn-around times at the time of blood product requests,
  • And made additional staff available on-site to help support tranfusion care for patients.

Some staff even worked double shifts and over their breaks to manage the situation. Thanks to the proactive planning and management, no patient safety issues arose and the Code Grey was cleared Monday afternoon.

Thank you Blood Transfusion Team for your fierce determination to provide exemplary care to our patients.

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