Dr. Ozgur Mete named President of the Endocrine Pathology Society

In 2020, the Endocrine Pathology Society will fall under the leadership of LMP’s own Dr. Ozgur Mete, Endocrine Pathologist. At the most recent USCAP (United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology) Meeting, Dr. Mete was announced as the acting VP, slated to become President in the following year.

“I’m very proud to become the President,” says Dr. Mete. “I want this field to become more prominent, and the way to do that is by contributing to leadership. It’s not only doing the right thing for our patients, but also for the subspecialty.”

UHN is one of the only organizations in the GTA to host endocrine pathology as a subspecialty, but Dr. Mete hopes with broader visibility, the field will continue to flourish internationally and attract the bright young minds of tomorrow.

His nomination comes from a number of senior peers in the Society, and is grounded in international recognition for his work.

Dr. Mete has additionaly been named Editor-in-Chief of the Endocrine Pathology Journal, the subspeciality’s formost journal, effective January 2020.

Congralutions on this well-deserved international recognition, Dr. Mete!


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