Blood Collection for Hematology Reference Range Validation a Success!

Just in time to bid farewell and happy retirement to long-time LMP Phlebotomist, Elaine Wright.

Elaine Wright (right), LMP Phlebotomist, draws Roger Boyle’s (Communications Specialist) blood for reference range validation.

Over the last couple of weeks, our Hematology Core Laboratory asked for 60 female and 60 male donors across Toronto General Hospital to donate a sample of blood to help establish reference ranges.

Establishing reference ranges is a necessary step in implementing a new methodology or platform. It provides a range of expected values for a specific test, and when results fall outside of the range, it may be indicative of a possible condition or disease stage. It’s essential in providing the most accurate results for our patients.

Thanks to the diligence of our hematology team and a number of incredible phlebotomists (and of course $10 Tim Horton’s gift cards), we hit the required sample size, and references ranges could be established!

The milestone was shared alongside another bitter-sweet one. The retirement of one of LMP’s own phlebotomists, Elaine Wright.

Elaine has been a dedicated LMP team member for 25 years, and in that time has had a significant impact on patient care.

Elaine started her career at the original Princess Margaret before moving along with it, and eventually to TGH. She’s described by her colleagues as “genuinely compassionate and patient & family-centered, through and through,” and is often requested by patients.

In fact, there is one young kidney transplant patient with ADD, and both patient and mom have have only allowed Elaine to collect blood. Upon hearing of her retirement, the mother was so grateful for Elaine’s service that she delivered a bouquet of flowers to her.

Thank you for your dedication to our patients, Elaine! You will be missed by staff and patients alike.

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