Successful Health Canada Assessment thanks to LMP Blood Transfusion Team

Over a span of two weeks in February, two Health Canada assessors were on site in the LMP Blood Transfusion Laboratories. The assessors reviewed compliance for activities related to the processing, labelling, storage, distribution, and transformation of blood and blood products.

Assessment is an important time. It give us the opportunity to reflect on our practices, adjust policies and improve procedures, but of course that isn’t possible without the involvement of the whole team.

The overall assessment was a success because of one key factor–a strong team who cares deeply about their work: The LMP Blood Transfusion Laboratory Team. In preparation for the assessment, the Blood Transfusion Team conducted a thorough review of lab procedures and activities.  During the assessment, the assessors observed laboratory staff perform regulated activities and reviewed standard operating procedures, equipment documentation and staff training.  The assessors also met with the TM physicians and other key LMP staff as part of the assessment.

The result: LMP is compliant with the Health Canada Blood Regulations without any critical deviations that could adversely impact patient safety. The blood transfusion laboratory team will be addressing minor citations that were observed and in so doing will continue to strive for improved processes and procedures.

Congratulations to all involved who made this a successful inspection!

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  1. Nice to see the newsletter again! Congrats to the LMP team.

    Helen Kelly RN; MScN

    Clinical Research Manager

    Collaborative Academic Practice

    Research and Innovation Team

    Adjunct Lecturer
    Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
    University of Toronto

    Associate Member

    Yeates School of Graduate Studies

    Ryerson University

    416-340-4800 ext 6567


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