LMP Pathologist receives grant funding for small cell lung cancer research

Each year, the Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network (OMPRN) looks to support and promote impactful research of early-career pathologists through a number of competitive grants. This year, one of LMP’s newest pathologists Dr. Michael Cabanero, Thoracic Pathologist, was awarded a Cancer Pathology Translational Research grant, marking the beginning of an exciting research venture and notable recognition from the Ontario Institute of Cancer Research (OICR). 

Research in small cell lung cancer, a notably aggressive subtype of lung cancer, is hampered by the scarcity of available tissue, and as a result, has seen limited advancements in treatment options for patients. Dr. Cabanero and co-investigator Dr. Benjamin H. Lok, Radiation Oncologist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, want to circumvent this limitation by utilizing liquid biopsy specimens (patients’ blood samples) to study tumour DNA for predictive biomarker development and to harvest tumour cells circulating in the blood.  

The awarded Stream 2 grant, which is reserved for early-career PIs with a transdisciplinary co-investigator, supports ambitious two-plus year research projects. Among the nine applicants for Stream 2 funding, Dr. Cabanero and team ranked first. The project will receive up to $160,000 in support.

Dr. Cabanero points to the incredible cross-disciplinary team that makes the project desirable. “We’re fortunate to be in an institution where we have experts in the field literally next door,” he says. “The most important part was developing the team.”

Congratulations, Dr. Cabanero! Read more about the OMPRN Grant scheme here.

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